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Best Dog Food for Greyhounds, Reviews & Ratings of 2022

Greyhound Breed

The Blog doesn’t only cover the Best Dog Food for Greyhound  but also the Breed and other valuable matters.

The champion sprinter among dogdom, the greyhound is a gentle, kind, and friendly canine friend with an independent spirit. For thousands of years, these elegant dogs have been an object of wonder for artists, poets, kings, and commoners alike. Greyhounds are formed out of the idea that form should always follow function. From the narrow, aerodynamics head to the shock-absorbing pads of the feet, greyhounds are constructed for speed. The slim yet powerful body of the greyhound is created by the deep chest narrowing sharply into a tight, tuck-waisted waist. These beautiful dogs are the inspiration behind many coursing breeds, including the Whippet and Beagle.

Greyhound running


Greyhounds are generally one of the healthiest dog breeds around. They aren’t prone to any major health problems unless something goes wrong with them. Bloat is a common problem among greyhounds, but it’s not nearly as serious as it might sound. Gastric torsion is another potential problem, but again, it’s not likely to happen often. Greyhounds do suffer from some neurological issues though, including Greyhound Neuropathy. Cardiac conditions, eye diseases, and other ailments are possible too. Breeders take precautions against these things, so the chances of your greyhound developing any of those problems are low.

Lets see the Best Dog Food for Greyhounds

Greyhound’s athletic appearance and Long and narrow aerodynamic skull, they are sire fastest dog breed. They are also known as ‘couch potatoes’ and are known for being ‘chilled’. They are fit for those who are not regularly active in exercise.

greyhounds have strong eyesight than other breed dogs. But they don’t possess the same smelling ability as other breeds. Greyhound is fairly social if the owner has a great amount of patience to train them. Because by nature they are quite friendly and non-aggressive.
Greyhounds are out of the ordinary an athletic breed. Even their body says that out loud. To maintain their atheism, they need high protein in their food.

Many types of dog food claim that their food is best for greyhounds. So how do you goons pick the right one?
Identifying the best food for your dog it’ll cost you time and money. For your betterment, we have done the research so that you can choose the best one for your dog. We find the best with their immense activity levels, their food should majorly be about high proteins and higher calories.

Royal Canin Health Nutrition Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Large Adult Dry Dog Food
  • Brand: Royal Canin
  • Flavor: Chicken
  • Age Range Description: Adult
  • Target Species: Dog
  • Item Form: Dry

Royal Canin says

With countless dog food choices out there that feature formulas designed to meet the nutritional needs of pets, how can you tell if the one you choose is perfect for your pooch? No matter how large or small your dog is or what part of the country he or she calls home, Royal Canin offers a wide range of diets that are tailored to your canine companion’s individual needs. From large breeds such as Great Danes and St Bernards to smaller dogs like Chihuahuas and Pekingese, Royal Canin provides the proper nutrition to give your furry friend the best chance of reaching his or her full potential.

With over 50 years of experience in creating natural diets, Royal Canin continues delivering nutrition targeting each animal’s individuality. Satisfied? We’re not! Our formulas are 100% guaranteed.

Why we chose Royal Canin

For a healthy dog coat and nourishing skin, it has EPA and DHA.

Specially designed highly palatable large dog food kibble for large adult dogs

Protein (min) 24% Fat (min) 15% Fiber (max) 3.2% Moisture (max) 10% and will have 357 calories per cup.

Lots of vets recommended Royal Canin.

Best food for health and long dog life.

As food reviewers, we highly recommend this food for your dog.

Kibble is designed for large jaws exclusively

This diet can support your pup’s recovery

Personal opinion

The Royal Canin Select Protein Adult Dry Dog Food is an outstanding choice for those who want to feed their dogs something that tastes great but doesn’t compromise nutritional value. They offer both small (7 lbs) and large (10 lbs) cans, so you can get the right size for your dog. The food only comes with a prescription, but they do provide a few samples for you to try out before you commit to purchasing a full case. As premium dog food at a reasonable cost, we will give it a 5 out of 5 stars. In our opinion, this one stands first in the ranking of the Best dog food for Greyhounds. 

User Review


Our vet recommended this brand and we have used it ever since, appx 6 years. I personally use the puppy version for the first 2 years. Roy’s canin offers a breed-specific recipe for your pup. Good luck, hope this helps!

By Angela Krause

Feeding Instructions
Feeding Instructions
Guaranteed Analysis
Guaranteed Analysis

Excellent nutritional value

This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S.

Kibble is huge

Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food

Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food

User Review

  • Brand: Pedigree
  • Flavor: Steak
  • Age Range Description: Adult
  • Target Species: Dog
  • Item Form: Pellet

Product Company says

The Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food is a good value for those who want to feed their dog healthy, nutritious foods that won’t break the bank. It provides a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, and fruits. It also includes probiotics to support gut health and digestive function. And, it contains no added sugar. So, if you’re looking for a low-cost option that gives your pooch an excellent nutritional foundation, then this is the one to choose!

The food meets the dietary requirements of an adult Greyhound, providing sufficient nutrition to maintain health and good quality of life. The calories provided are appropriate to maintain weight, and the food does not pose any threat to the health of your dog.


Why we chose Pedigree

It will help your pup to maintain a healthy life with its antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

It doesn’t hold high fructose corn syrup, and especially no added sugar.

A Greyhound needs high protein as well as low fat in their meal, sadly this one is an average Protein of 21.5%. On the other hand, the Fat percentage is quite low at 10.0%. Furthermore, per Cup, it carries 309 kcal.

As an owner, you might be worrying if this food is safe for your Health, well we believe it is as much as dry dog food is.

They don’t use biowaste.

Pretty good for dogs with digestive issues.

For general knowledge: this one has approximately 162 cups of food in a 33-pound bag

We found lots of statements while we were researching that many owners stated its Good value for the money as well as good nutrition.

It supports good oral health between brushings with its Unique, crunchy texture. This help clean the teeth with every bite.

The Adult Dry Dog Food carries B vitamins, zinc, and vitamin E.

Transition Instructions

25% new to 75% old as usual

With Canned

Replace 1/2 Cup For Each 1/2 Can Of Pedigree

With Pouches

Replace 1/4 Cup For Each 3.5 oz. Of Pedigree

1 cup = 8 oz. measuring cup, 1 can = 13.2 oz.


Five available sizes

Meat isn’t one of the first listed ingredients

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food
  • Brand: Rachael Ray Nutrish
  • Flavor: Turkey
  • Age Range Description: Adult
  • Target Species: Dog
  • Item Form: Dry
  • Amazons Choice

The product company says

It has a minimum of 26 percent crude proteins. Turkey meat is listed as the first item in the ingredients list. So your pal will get most of the protein from a high-quality whole-food source. Additionally, the food has an impressive Maximum of 6% fiber and just 11% maximum fat, it will keep your pal lean.

As if that‘s not enough, the Nutrish Natural dog food is also loaded with the vitamins and minerals to help keep your greyhounds functioning at peak performance throughout the later years of their lives.

Rachael Ray Nutrish

Why we choose this food for Greyhound

They use L-Carnitine to help support healthy weight & metabolism.

To maintain healthy energy levels, they have Lean, protein-rich venison.

For overall health, the product has Antioxidant-rich fruits and healthy fats. What is Antioxidant-rich fruit, many fruits are high in antioxidants, packed with vitamins, and beneficial

If you are looking for a special formula to help support your dog’s healthy weight then this is the one that will satisfy your expectations.

The 1 ingredient was a piece of real turkey, which provided a lot of protein.

Then there comes Brown rice, which brings the food with good and a piece of bad news. It’s a highly digestible carbohydrate especially low in fat too, but it’s high in fiber.

It will be a fine choice for lower fat needs.

Interesting fact: In a healthy, tasty recipe, dogs love! Better yet a portion of the proceeds is to be donated to The RACHAEL RAY FOUNDATION™ to help animals in need.

Personal opinion

Focusing on the money, we will say it’s quite good for Greyhound. Even some users stated that it’s the best dog food for Greyhound. However don’t let the price fool you, you may think it’s low on price maybe because it isn’t good enough. As far as we know this food is packed with the sorts of nutrients that can help keep your dog in top condition. Sadly it carries just 269 calories per cup, so you will have to feed a 60-pound greyhound four to five cups each day to meet his requirement.

Guaranteed Analysis
Guaranteed Analysis

Affordably priced

great value

Minimum of 26% crude protein

Fewer calories means you’ll have to feed your Greyhound a lot

ORIJEN Dog Original Recipe High-Protein Grain-Free Dry Food

ORIJEN Dog Original Recipe, 4.5lb, High-Protein Grain-Free Dry Dog Food


Style:   Grain-Free Food  |  Biscuit Treats |  Amazing Grains Food

Flavor available:   Original  |  Fit & Trim  |  Puppy  |  Regional Red  |  Six Fish  |  Small Breed  |  Tundra

  • Brand: Orijen
  • Flavor: Original
  • Age Range (Description): All Life Stages
  • Target Species: Dog
  • Item Form: Granule


The formulation is completely wheat-free and so will appeal to dogs sensitive to gluten. However, there is no tapioca, potatoes or plant protein concentrates in the recipe, and the high protein content comes from free-run chicken and turkeys, wild-caught fishes, and egg yolks.

Why do we choose this food

According to a dog’s natural, biological need, ORIJEN contains 85% quality full animal ingredients.

The remaining 15% comes from vegetables and fruits.

As a premium dog Food, it has 2/3 fresh or raw animal ingredients, unlike conventional dog food.

Uniquely your pal going to have red lentils and whole green peas in their delicious meal.

We all know there is too many foods brand in the market, and in the market, it’s rare to get food that is made for all breeds and all life stages. Surprisingly ORIJEN is one of the rare brands. In short, it’s all in one.

The formula meets AAFCO requirements, for either All Life Stages or Adult Maintenance.

The first 5 ingredients are fresh or raw animal protein.

Your buddy will get help from WholePrey. Well, WholePrey animal ingredients are a nutritional superfood of meat.

ORIJEN is GMO-free.

quite a good fit for the best dog food for the Greyhound list.


Basic information about the Bag :

 The 4.5-pound bag has close to 18 cups. The 13-pound bag has close to 52 cups. The 25-pound bag has close to 100 cups.

Caloric Content:  3,940 kcal/kg, 473 kcal/cup

Guaranteed Analysis
Guaranteed Analysis
Feeding Instructions
Feeding Instructions

Hypoallergenic food

Some say smells really fishy

Very expensive

Instinct Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Instinct Limited Ingredient Dog Food, Limited Ingredient Diet Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food


Flavor Available:  Lamb  |  Salmon  |  Turkey

  • Flavor: Lamb
  • Age Range Description: Young Adult, Adult, Senior
  • Target Species: Dog
  • Item Form: Pellet, Wet, Raw, Dry
  • Amazon’s Choice

Instinct says

This Limited ingredient diet does not carry Probiotics. Our LIDs recipes are formulated specifically for Pets with allergies and sensitivities, where less is more and so we only include the major necessary nutrition because fewer ingredients mean less chance of struggling with allergy or sensitivity.

Why we choose Limited Ingredient Instinct

This Limited Ingredient food contains only 1 protein & 1 vegetable.

Specially made for dogs with food allergies.

For nutrition and taste, every piece of kibble is coated freeze-dried raw.

It is made with the unmixed, real nutrition of raw.

They not only provide Dry but also Wet food and you can compare them with Blue Buffalo, Hill’s Science Diet, and many other famous Brands.

One of the most important facts about this formula is, that they contain a 27% protein percentage.

Really good with ear infections.

Ingredient lists are advisedly short.

Peas and coconut oil are there, even there are added vitamins and minerals as well.

This formula has d-Calcium Pantothenate.

Guaranteed Analysis
Guaranteed Analysis
Feeding Instructions
Feeding Instructions

It’s also good for allergies

Good for Picky eaters

No Iodine

No phosphorous

The fat percentage is 17.5%

I and love and you Nude Superfood Dry Dog Food

I and love and you Nude Superfood Dry Dog Food


Flavor Available:  Red Meat Medley  |  Simply Sea Recipe  |  Poultry Palooza

  • Flavor: Red Meat Medley
  • Age Range Description: All Life Stages
  • Target Species: Dog
  • Item Form: Grain
  • Amazons Choice

Nude says

Our Nude Food is made with tasty turkey, real veggies, and fruit. High protein and Grain Free, your pet may ignore the elbows on the table rule when you call him to dinner. Balanced and Holistic food for pets of all ages, sizes, and breeds. The kibbles have a high protein formula that makes up 34% of total weight. The protein comes from Salmon, White Fish, Sweet Potatoes, and Lentils. Further nutrition is provided by Super Foods such as Garbanzo Beans and Flaxseed. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are provided by Flaxseed and Fish Oils, and Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics to support your Pet’s Digestion.

Why we chose Nude

Allergy Safe pet food.

Uniquely it’s crafted for dogs of all ages.

It has additional superfoods like flaxseeds, coconut oil, and turmeric.

They have garbanzo beans, lentils, and sweet potatoes in their formula.

It has nothing weird or scary on the recipe.

This high-protein dog feed has 34% protein with its first three ingredients being meat.

Available in Turkey + Chicken, Pork + Wild Boar, and Whitefish + Salmon.

To promote happy tummies and gastrointestinal health they use digestive enzymes, prebiotics + probiotics.

Guaranteed Analysis
Guaranteed Analysis
Feeding Instructions
Feeding Instructions

Best for dogs with allergies

Good for coat

Terrific Choice for Grain-Free Dog Food

Currently, it can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses

4-5% fiber per serving

Additional Information

Do Greyhounds Have Special Nutritional Requirements?

As Greyhounds are very active animals, they have specific nutritional requirements as compared to adult Greyhounds pups especially have high protein and calorie requirements. It’s hard to say but the minimum protein requirement for Greyhounds is almost between 18-22%.

Do Greyhounds Have Special Nutritional Requirements

Most of their energy arises from the calories they consume, especially including fat. Pups who develop quickly have a higher need for fat in their daily meal. Greyhound puppies demand at least 8% of fat every day from their food. Adult greyhounds should eat no less than 5 percent fat. They thrive best on a meat-based or raw diet, though they can live on a diet of chicken and fish if these are cooked thoroughly.

Greyhound Eye and Brain Development Specific Diet for Puppies Includes Docosahexaenoate. Older Greyhound Generations Need Medium Chain Triglycerides Found In Coconut Oil even it will Help Them Act Younger.

While a high protein diet is a must, excessive amounts of protein especially for old breeds should be avoided as they might cause digestion problems. A dog food specifically designed for large breed dogs is best suited for greyhounds. Puppies particularly need higher levels of calcium as well as phosphorus and a few proteins and calories in order to keep up natural growth rates.

They sometimes get obese because of overfeeding, for this obsession they might suffer from joint issues. If your Greyhound enjoys sports and activities, then they should receive a special diet.

Greyhound Feeding Chart

Greyhound Feeding Chart

In order to maintain their appropriate weight:

  • 2-4 cups of food per day for Females of 60 lbs.
  • 3-5 cups of food per day for Males of 70 lbs.
  • Increase the above quantities by a quarter to weight gain.
  • Decrease the above quantities by a quarter to weight loss.
  • Double the above-recommended quantities for Puppies.

In terms of calorie requirements:

  • Males: 2100-2500 calories per day
  • Females: 1500 – 1800 calories per day

Ingredients to Avoid in Your Greyhound’s Food

Cheap Protein:  The protein-rich ingredients are, beef, chicken, lamb, etc. so they should constitute a major part of the meal.

Low-Quality Fat:   The most appropriate fats are Chicken fat and fats from fish oil.

Fillers and Additives: the best-avoided filler content of dog foods are Cornmeal, soya, gluten, etc.

Grains: Peas and sweet potatoes can be included in moderation. Also, gluten-free recipes should be high in protein.

Other Ingredients: Human chocolate, Cocoa shells, etc are highly fatal to dogs. Furthermore, Grapes, Raisins, and Dry Fruits can cause Kidney Failure Gravy meant for humans contain high levels of Salt. Food Products Containing Artificial Sweeteners Like Xylitol Alcohol, Coffe, Onions, Avocados, etc. Medicines intended for human consumption, etc.

Buyer’s Guide: How to choice the Best Dog Food for Greyhounds

Buyer’s Guide: How to choice the Best Dog Foods for Greyhounds

Now you’ve seen our finest choice for Greyhound food. We believe you are might be thinking from all of these good famous food Brands, which will be the best choices for your canine? After trying so few of these foods with our dogs and deep research we’ve got a pretty good idea about separating the best dog foods from the average. If you are interested then we will guide you so that you can make the right choice for your buddy.

What to look For in Greyhound Dog Food

Dog food labels may contain a lot of marketing hype, but they do offer useful information about what kind of nutrition your dog needs. You can learn a lot about how your dog eats and what he eats by reading his food label.

This label lists all the most important information on the package including the ingredients used to prepare the food, the nutritional value of the food, and the number of calories in each serving. These 3 pieces of information can help you determine whether the food is healthy or not. Even though we gathered much more information related to the food, those points will also help you to clear your mind. You can find them above in why we selected this food section.


Ingredients are an essential part of any dish. They provide a base for flavor and texture, so they should be of high quality. Healthy dogs require high-quality ingredients to keep them fit and active. Poor-quality ingredients mean unhealthy food that offers little nutritional value. Don’t you worry the products we selected all carry high-quality ingredients? However try to stay in Grain-free formulas, they are much easier on a dog’s digestive system. So check the ingredients list before purchasing the food free of rice, corn, and other grains or not.


Nutritional Content

After taking a look behind the scenes at the ingredients list and determining that high-quality whole-food ingredients are utilized to manufacture your dog food, the next step is the nutritional content. You have to look for the amount of crude protein in the food, fat content, fiber content, and even how much omega-3 is included.

Usually, dogs do well on a high protein, moderate fat, and low carb diet, moderate fat, for energy their bodies are built to use proteins and fats. However high-carb formulas don’t suit them well.


With so many dog food claims to be the best, it can be difficult choosing the right one for your dog. After comparing so many brands, we finally settled on 3 that seemed to be ahead of the competition, Royal Canin, Pedigree, and Rachael Ray.

Our favorite overall was the Royal Canin brand due to its customization and high-grade ingredients. The subscription ensures that your dog gets the freshest of ingredients. So according to our personal opinion we highly recommended Royal Canin. We did our best if there is anything wrong feel free to tell us. We badly want your review so that we can improve and provide you with more than what you guys are expecting.

Thank you so much.

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