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Bloodhound Dog breed

Bloodhound Dog breed

The large breed bloodhound normally grows up to 110 pounds according to American Kennel Club, 2022. It is known for their out of the ordinary sense of smell which makes them different from any other Breed. Even they enjoy long walks a lot. In addition to a firm grip, the owner should provide them with … Read more

Rhodesian Ridgeback Common Health Problems

Rhodesian ridgeback common health problems

We aren’t vets all we said is based on research. The reason behind doing this is to help Rhodes owners if it can. Ridgeback Dog breeds The Rhodes is known as the “African Lion Dog”. The reason behind that is they used to help in hunting The Lions. From this hunting information, you can guess … Read more

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Top 10 Best dog food for shiba inu You must be asking what the best Dog food for Shiba Inu is. What to feed? Kibble, Canned? Raw, or Home cooked? Which Brand will be perfect and why? Well here we are, we will tell you everything regarding this. So let’s drive in Every owner knows … Read more